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2 Ways Orthodontics Improve Facial Appearance

2 Ways Orthodontics Improve Facial Appearance

Your teeth, jaws, and joints encompass an area known as the orofacial region and determine the size and shape of your face. This area is prone to disorders stemming from genetics, accidents, and dental history that can significantly impact your facial appearance, breathing, swallowing, and communication.

Fortunately, orthodontic appliances can correct orofacial myofunctional disorders and other dental issues. If you are curious about how orthodontics can improve your facial appearance, here are two examples of how professional treatment can impact your orofacial aesthetics.

Improving Jaw & Teeth Alignment

Irregularities in the jawbone and alignment can noticeably impact your facial appearance and chewing ability.

Overbites and Underbites are two of the most well-known Malocclusions (improperly aligned teeth). An underbite or overbite is very noticeable and causes either the upper or lower portion of your jaw to protrude out. 

Braces with or without corrective surgery is the most effective way to fix jaw alignment issues, and an orthodontist will suggest the appropriate treatment plan for your condition.

Creating a Confident Smile

One of the goals of orthodontics is to improve orofacial aesthetics and to create a happy and vibrant smile. If you are overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, and insecurity due to your orofacial appearance, orthodontics can remedy your problems and create a healthier and symmetrical smile.

Contact Maduke-Bulat today if you are experiencing any issues with your teeth or jaw alignment. Our specialists can analyze your mouth and determine any necessary treatment.

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