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4 Tips for Keeping Invisalign Trays Clean

4 Tips for Keeping Invisalign Trays Clean

One of the benefits of Invisalign trays is that they are virtually impossible to detect. However, if your Invisalign trays are not cleaned often, they can easily stain and become very noticeable.

More importantly, poor cleaning can lead to a build-up of bacteria which can cause cavities, gum disease, and more.

To ensure your Invisalign trays stay clear and free of bacteria, follow these four tips.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

It is essential to have a cleaning schedule for your Invisalign trays. Always clean the trays after you eat and have brushed your teeth, putting clean trays on clean teeth.

Invisalign trays should be always be cleaned before bed. A regular cleaning schedule will help prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause stains.

Clean Your Mouth After Eating or Drinking

If you have just eaten, do not instantly put your Invisalign Trays back on. If you can, brush or rinse your mouth using mouth wash before putting your trays back on.

If this is not possible, rinse your mouth out with water before placing your Invisalign trays back on.

Rinse Your Invisalign Trays

After removing your Invisalign trays from your mouth, be sure to rinse them thoroughly. Water and hydrogen peroxide are very effective for cleaning for Invisalign. A combination of the two will remove food particles, bacteria, and other residues that can cause staining.

Visit the Orthodontist

If you find that your Invisalign trays are staining easily or you are experiencing other problems with them, it is time to visit an orthodontist. At Maduke Bulat Orthodontist, our highly trained team can help you achieve the best results with Invisalign.

Our staff provides the knowledge, support, and equipment needed for you to deal with any Invisalign issues. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Maduke-Bulat is a long-established orthodontics practice in Surrey, BC. Dr. Sandra Maduke and Dr. Ryan Bulat are both certified specialists offering cutting-edge orthodontics in a warm and compassionate environment.

If you have any questions about this article or orthodontics in general, or if you want to make an appointment with Maduke-Bulat, please contact us at (604) 591-8621.

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