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AcceleDent Aura – Is It Right For You?

AcceleDent Aura custom braces As technology progresses, there are continual advancements in orthodontic treatments. AcceleDent Aura is a new medical device, available through your orthodontist that is a safe and reliable appliance that is used to complement your current orthodontic plan. You can save time wearing your braces by speeding up your tooth movement using AcceleDent Aura.

What is it? It is custom fitted mouthpiece designed to go around your existing braces or aligners. The AcceleDent Aura appliance is used by patients for 20 minutes per day, at home, along with their current braces or Invisalign. The amount of time that a patient needs to wear their orthodontics may be reduced by the added use of AcceleDent Aura.

How does it work? It works by using gentle pulses that safely and gently speed up tooth movement. This helps to accelerate the remodeling process of the bones surrounding the teeth. The SoftPulse Technology® micropulses are gentle and exert up to 8x less force than a power toothbrush. The micropulses can also reduce the discomfort of a patient’s orthodontic treatment.

What are the benefits?

Patients need to wear the AcceleDent device for only 20 minutes per day. It consists of a bite plate to which the AcceleDent machine is attached. Patients bite gently down on the plate and the vibrations are transferred to the roots of the teeth. The statistics about the efficacy of AcceleDent are based on a relatively small sample size, but they are impressive, and AcceleDent is now recommended by Orthodontists everywhere. During the initial phase of treatment, alignment, AcceleDent can produce results up to 106% faster than treatment with a fake device or none at all. In the space closure phase, results are obtained 38% faster.

Patients say that AcceleDent is comfortable, simple to clean, and makes almost no noise. It is easy to wear while watching TV, using a computer or reading a book and gives patients a sense of control over their braces. Finally, the AcceleDent support has been reported as reducing the discomfort that braces sometimes cause more effectively than painkillers.

Accelerating your orthodontic treatment has never been safer or easier. AcceleDent Aura is recommended for patients of all ages including children, teenagers and adults. The product is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. Setting aside 20 minutes a day while you are relaxing, reading a book or watching TV can help you efficiently and effectively enhance your orthodontic treatment.

Contact our Surrey office to schedule a complimentary consultation and to discuss how AcceleDent Aura can be used alongside your orthodontic plan.

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