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AcceleDent: Easy, Portable, Convenient, and Quick!

The Surrey Orthodontic team here at Maduke Bulat is pleased to share an exciting therapeutic tool with our clients, AcceleDent. When used in conjunction with braces, this take-home device drastically reduces the length of time our patients wear braces by up to 50%!

AcceleDent is a two-part system consisting of a personalized mouthpiece and a small, portable activator. It works on similar principles as other orthodontic treatments (such as arch wires, springs and aligners), in that it stimulates movement through manipulating the bone deposition and re-absorption cycle. The benefits of the [b]AcceleDent[/b] activator however, is that it uses micropulse (vibrating) technology to essentially speed the rate of tooth movement without any adverse effects.

This device has been held with the utmost standards for patients’ health and safety. Studies have confirmed the benefits of AcceleDent are found after patients used it only 20 minutes a day! It accelerated tooth movement in both the initial alignment phase (106% faster) and the space closure phase (38% faster). Patients reported a high level of satisfaction when using AcceleDent in the areas of comfort, cleanliness, reliability, maintenance, and sound.

AcceleDent gives patients the opportunity and ability to directly impact the length of time they wear braces. The AcceleDent mouthpiece is lightweight and requires only a gentle biting pressure to hold it in place, so patients can easily incorporate it into their daily routine, whether it be while watching TV, working on the computer, studying or reading a book.

Contact the Surrey Orthodontic Specialists at Maduke Bulat today and find out how this exciting device can benefit and assist you in your orthodontic process.

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