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Braces for Kids …What You Need To Know!

Braces are an important part of life for many kids. They have to keep the braces on for a long time, for 1 to 3 years at a time. Choose the right type of braces and get the process rolling at the right time to ensure a great smile for life.

Here is some important information for parents:

What Age Can Kids Get Braces?
The best age for braces can vary anywhere between 8 to 14 years depending on the reason for the orthodontic treatment. This is when kids already have permanent teeth but they are still growing and jaw discrepancies are much easier to correct at this younger age.

It’s important to have us, as your certified orthodontic specialists, check out the development of your child’s teeth and jaws. You might not be able to recognize any problems with your kid’s teeth, but a trained orthodontist’s can easily spot problems that are otherwise invisible. It is important to get expert opinion.

How To Tell If They Need Braces?
These are the things you should look for:
– Jaws that protrude or are recessed
– Biting the cheeks
– Breathing from the mouth
– Incessant thumb sucking
– Crowded or misplaced teeth
– Irregular or untimely loss of baby teeth
– Problems in chewing or biting
– Teeth that meet abnormally or are out of proportion

And if you see any of these problems earlier than age 8 then don’t wait; take your child to an orthodontist ASAP!

Steps to Getting Braces
The procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours long.

Please arrive on time for your appointment and make sure your child has brushed and flossed. The process for getting braces isn’t painful, or as difficult as it may have been when you were young. Once the orthodontist is done with the procedure, your child will be back to being his normal self within a few days.

How Kids Deal With Braces
It may be a little uncomfortable or just plain weird for your kids the first few days.

Make sure that your kids stick to soft foods the first days or two. These include soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt, milkshakes, scrambled eggs, Mac and cheese etc. You don’t need to put them on a strict diet, just make sure that anything they eat is soft and doesn’t need to be chewed too much. This means no candy, pop corn, gum or sugary juices. And always have them brush after their meals.

Also ensure that your child avoids acidic foods and drinks like citrus juices or tomato sauce because they may end up irritating the mouth sores, if there are any. These can be caused by unintentionally biting the inside of your cheek. Once your mouth toughens up a bit these mouth sores will go away on their own.

And lastly, rest assured that things will, and do get better. Once their teeth have adjusted to the new braces, the pain and the irritation goes away and your life becomes simpler again.

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