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Bracing For Your Dental Coverage

As the end of the year draws near, so does your dental coverage. We will work closely with you to maximize your benefits. Firstly, having your teeth cleaned, and all your cavities addressed before you begin your orthodontic treatment for braces, is imperative. In addition, if you are thinking of any whitening processes, this has to be done after treatment.

Something else you might want to consider is, if you are needing any teeth removed, such as wisdom teeth, to do so prior to undergoing orthodontic work. If you or your child (often 16+) is about to undergo orthodontic treatment, this is definitely something you will want to address with your dentist.

There are those who are covered by two insurance plans, usually one of their own and one from their spouse. Often one plan can have a maximum dollar amount attached to it, while the other can have 50% coverage for, let’s say major dental work. Combining these two plans is genius. Having the ability to utilize these plans on either side of 2013, and then shortly into 2014, adds to the genius, and a lot of work can be accomplished in a short amount of time. if you break it up as such.

By taking full advantage of your dental insurance prior to the year turning over to a new one, makes financial sense and ‘healthy teeth’ sense. Often, if you have a helpful dentist (or rather their administrative staff), they can assist you in maximizing your dental insurance

By ensuring you understand your dental plan, and perhaps the plan of your partner, and add to that the knowledge of a helpful dental staff you can be cleaned, crowned, wisdom toothless, and ready for your braces come the strike of 2014.

At MadukeBulat, we are always happy to help you understand your orthodontic dental insurance, and best optimize your coverage for you, your partner, your children or your entire family.

Making the most of your finances is always rewarding, and we look forward to adding to the reasons you smile!

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