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Budgeting for Your Child’s Braces

Budgeting for Your Child’s Braces

Orthodontic treatment is often thought of as just fixing crooked teeth. While this is certainly part of it, orthodontic treatment is also important for fixing other, serious issues such as crowded teeth, over or underbites, and other issues. Often, fixing these issues at a young age helps prevent other major problems down the road. With this in mind, braces for kids are quite common, and it is important for parents to begin to think about how to budget for their child’s braces.
Cost of Braces

The first consideration for budgeting for your child’s braces is to consider what the cost will be. Unfortunately, this can vary greatly depending on the scope of treatment, and specific issues that will need to be addressed. A general guideline for orthodontic treatment is from $3000 to $8000 from start to finish. Your orthodontist will be able to give you a better idea of the cost of treatment once he or she has had a chance to assess your child’s mouth and determine potential and future issues.

Tips to Help with Cost

– Check your extended health and dental benefits – if you are lucky enough to have extended dental benefits through your work or other plan, many of these may cover a maximum lifetime amount on braces. On many plans this can help to cover several thousand dollars.
– Look into financing or installment options – Many orthodontists offer a financing or installment option to help pay for costs, rather than large lump sum payments. This can help with monthly budgeting and allow starting treatment right away rather than saving up the total cost first.
– Start Saving Early – Many children will require at least some form of braces at some point, so starting to save as early as possible will make it easier to fit this expense into your budget. Even a few dollars a month can go a long way if you start saving early enough.

Orthodontic treatment for children is not just about aesthetics, but part of their complete health care. Make sure you prepare for this by following some of these budgeting tips. For you and your families orthodontics needs in Surrey, make sure you visit Maduke Bulat.

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