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Can An Orthodontist Help With Mouth Breathing?

Can An Orthodontist Help With Mouth Breathing?

Believe it or not, breathing through one’s nose is a crucially important habit. Humans are meant to breathe nasally, rather than orally, and the difference between the two has far-reaching implications. Fortunately, orthodontists have a variety of methods to help stop mouth breathing.

Pros of Nasal Breathing

Mouth breathing is a problematic trait because our bodies are designed to breath nasally. Air that enters through the nose is filtered as it passes through the nasal cavity and the sinuses, which humidifies the air and produces nitric oxide (a chemical that is necessary for optimal circulatory performance). Air that enters through the mouth does not have these benefits—and in fact, mouth breathing has many drawbacks.

Cons of Oral Breathing

Mouth breathing negatively affects quality of sleep. It causes drymouth, which leads to a host of oral problems including bad breath and cavities. Mouth breathing during childhood can lead to tooth formation issues, and can affect the shape of the jaw and face. Some have even theorized that the issues stemming from mouth breathing may contribute to sleep apnea.


The older a person is, the more difficult it can be to remedy the situation. Ideally, mouth breathing will be caught and treated in childhood, when pre-emptive measures can be taken before malformations begin. “Palatal expanders” and “twin block appliances” are just a couple of the tools at an orthodontist’s fingertips. Of course, every situation is unique, but if mouth breathing is an issue, your orthodontist certainly can help.

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