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Can You Decrease Treatment Time With Implants?

As your Orthodontic Specialist in Delta, we have been straightening teeth for many years, as has the orthodontic community before us.

For decades, ancient physics principles of “every action has a reaction” played a role in understanding that, tooth displacement in one part of the jaw causes movement on the other as well.

However, as modern dentistry continues to gain momentum in practice and procedures, dental implants are now being used as orthodontic anchors, expediting treatment times and expanding possibilities for previously untreatable cases.

Shifting your teeth with braces is no longer the only process by which we can create a beautiful smile for you. Implants can now serve as anchors, where force can be applied, and teeth can be shifted – often more quickly than with traditional methods.

When implants are incorporated into your orthodontic process, it creates a strong anchor and allows the shifting to take place more quickly, potentially reducing treatment time by a third.

Dental implants also make it possible for some patients to receive orthodontic treatment that previously would not have been feasible. Good news to those who have always desired straight teeth but were told they were not a good candidate.

At MadukeBulat Orthodontics, we want to ensure we are providing the treatment that is right for each individual. Regardless of what you have been told by your dental professional or other orthodontic companies in the past, we encourage you to obtain a second opinion. Modern methods just might have you smiling with that perfect smile you have always desired – allow us to help!

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