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When it comes to the famous folk, we tend to believe that they come onto this earth dawning perfect pearly whites. But even the “beautiful people” need a touch up from time to time.

Perhaps this didn’t receive a lot of media exposure, but there are a fair few who have received orthodontic treatment at the height of their fame.

First off, country singing sensation -Faith Hill- wore an unlikely accessory on the red carpet not so long ago …a set of braces. This 45-year-old country beauty had been sporting them for about 4 months at that point and stated: “I’m getting used to them. I had braces as a kid, and I forgot to wear my retainer,” she confessed. “Kids, wear your retainer!”.

A friendly reminder from Faith that [link url=]retainers after braces[/link] are, in fact, important.

Gwen Stefani …an incredibly famous icon, started wearing metal in her mouth all the way back in 1999, but claimed it was just a style choice. She admitted to Access Hollywood that she had always wanted them as a child, but “I could afford them at that point, and that’s when I went and got them.”

Tom Cruise is third on our list of “metal mouths”. He might have one of the most famous smiles in the world, but in 2002 he was wearing (mostly) invisible braces with ceramic brackets. Having just turned 40, Cruise gave his teeth a tune-up for a few months, and then the braces came off before the paparazzi got in his face.

Clearly even the most famous smiles need maintenance from time to time.

When Miley Cyrus needed braces as a teenager, she opted for something her character Hannah Montana would have understood – secrecy. Instead of going with the classic train tracks or even invisible braces, Cyrus wore lingual braces behind her teeth. Once they were straight, Cyrus also reportedly got porcelain veneers to keep her extra-smiley.

So famous or not, many perfect smiles are thanks to braces …and as your [link url=]Surrey Orthodontic Specialist[/link], we feel that everyone deserves a beautiful smile!

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