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Common Orthodontic Myths and Misconceptions

Common Orthodontic Myths and Misconceptions

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental irregularities. Despite its importance, many myths and misconceptions surround orthodontic treatment that can deter people from seeking the care they need. In this article, we will discuss the five most common orthodontic myths and explain the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Orthodontic Treatment is Only For Children and Teenagers

Truth: While it is true that many orthodontic patients are children and teenagers, orthodontic treatment can be beneficial for people of all ages. More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to correct problems that they have had since childhood or to improve their overall oral health.

Myth 2: Orthodontic Treatment is Painful

Truth: While there may be some discomfort during the initial adjustment period, modern orthodontic treatment is generally not painful. Many patients report little to no discomfort during treatment.

Myth 3: Braces are the Only Option for Orthodontic Treatment

Truth: While braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment, other options, such as clear aligners, lingual braces, and functional appliances are available. In rare cases, surgery may be part of the treatment plan. Your orthodontist will help you determine which treatment option is best.

Myth 4: Orthodontic Treatment Takes a Long Time

Truth: The length of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the individual case and treatment. Some cases can be treated in as little as six months, while others may take two years or longer.

Myth 5: Orthodontic Treatment is Expensive

Truth: The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on the type of treatment and the length of treatment. Some dental insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment, and many orthodontic offices offer financing options.

In conclusion, orthodontic treatment is a highly beneficial procedure that can correct dental and facial irregularities, improve oral health, and enhance self-esteem. Ignoring orthodontic problems can lead to more serious health problems in the future. Contact Maduke Bulat today to schedule a consultation.

Maduke-Bulat is a long-established orthodontics practice in Surrey, BC. Dr. Sandra Maduke and Dr. Ryan Bulat are both certified specialists offering cutting-edge orthodontics in a warm and compassionate environment.

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