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COVID19 Announcement

Dear patients,

We would like to provide you with a further update on COVID19. The changes we are undergoing are happening quickly. As of March 17th, the dentists and dental specialists of BC have been informed by the College of Dental Surgeons to immediately stop all non-emergency procedures. For this reason, we are unable to see you for any regular appointments you have with us. We are hoping to be able to see you within a few weeks. Please do not call to reschedule appointments at this time: we will call you when we are informed of the date that we are permitted to resume normal office operations.

We are concerned about being able to care for our patients during this time. If you have an emergency please call our office at 604-591-8621. We will be monitoring our phones; however, you may also leave a message at our office or on our emergency cell phone if you do have an emergency, and Dr. Maduke, Dr. Bulat and one of our team members will be able to
help you.

We will continue to update you to keep you informed. Your continued care is our greatest priority.


Dr Maduke and Dr Bulat

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