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Do Braces Help With Crowded Teeth?

Do Braces Help With Crowded Teeth?

Braces are viewed as an incredible tool by orthodontists. They can correct improper jaw alignments and help straighten teeth. Braces can also fix crowded teeth, which can occur when there is not enough space along a jawline.

Teeth crowding is common among children and even adults. If you are suffering from crowded teeth, do not fret, we can help you. And, unlike the large and unsightly braces from decades prior, there are a few more stylish options on the market now.

How do Braces Correct Crowded Teeth?

Braces are one way to correct crowded teeth. They work by constantly applying pressure to misaligned teeth. This continuous pressure over time will help straighten them and prevent further complications. Therefore, braces must be fitted for each patient to make sure they are guiding teeth into the proper alignment.

Crowded teeth will not align themselves. As a result, braces are usually a good solution. If left uncorrected, crowded teeth can lead to a higher chance of cavities, pain when chewing, bad breath, mismatched chewing surfaces, and consistent jaw pain. And some people just don’t like how crowded teeth look.

What Kind of Braces help with Crowded Teeth?

As touched on earlier, when it comes to the style of braces, patients have more choices than ever. These three forms of braces can all be used to correct crowded teeth.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are one form of braces. They are made from stainless steel and are the strongest type of braces. They are composed of brackets, wires, and are held together with elastics. The elastics can be color customized. Because they are the strongest type of braces and provide the most pressure, they are great for fixing crowded teeth.

The downsides are that they are the most visible, and they make it hard to clean areas of your teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are another common form of braces. The main difference between them and metal braces is that ceramic braces are less visible. The elastic on ceramic braces is clear and blends into teeth. This makes them a bit more of a stylish option for people who may be self-conscious about wearing braces at an older age.

The downside of ceramic braces is that they are bigger than traditional braces. This places an even higher demand for excellent dental hygiene.


Aligner trays are the new and trendy solution to braces. You may even recognize the popular brand, Invisalign. Unlike metal and ceramic braces, aligner trays are easy to remove and hard to see.

The main drawbacks to clear aligners are they are not appropriate for all patients, and they must be worn day and night. Unlike traditional braces which are designed to be effective over time — aligner trays need to be constantly replaced to be effective. This is because they act as a personalized mouthguard that needs to be changed every week to help continue correcting and adjusting for the current teeth alignment.

While the thought of wearing braces might scare you, they continue to become more stylish and comfortable. When it comes down to it, braces are the best solution for dealing with crowded teeth.

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