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Does 3D Scanning Improve Orthodontic Diagnosis?

Does 3D Scanning Improve Orthodontic Diagnosis?


When assessing a situation and coming up with a plan of action, the more information that is available, the more comprehensive and reliable a plan will be. This is true of many things in life, and holds very true with Orthodontic diagnosis and treatments.


The more clear a picture is, and the more information an orthodontist has, the more effective treatment can be. One valuable tool for orthodontic treatment in Surrey that is used is 3D scanning.


What is 3D Scanning?


3D scanning is a newer technology in which thousands of pictures of the inside of a mouth are taken. These photographs can then be assembled and digitally combined to create an extremely accurate 3D model of a person’s mouth.


With this accurate 3D model, an orthodontist is able to better assess every aspect, creating a comprehensive plan for each stage of potential treatment. Your orthodontist can then share this information as potential treatments are discussed and shared with you.


How Does it Improve Diagnosis?


There are a few ways that 3D scanning can improve diagnosis. First, it is less invasive then traditional methods of taking impressions. No more need for uncomfortable material being set into a patient mouth to take impressions.


It is also much faster than traditional impressions, meaning your visits will be quicker as well. The 3D scanning is also much more accurate then impressions, giving the orthodontist more information that can help with better diagnosis or to see other potential issues that may have previously been missed.


3D scanning can also show the patient the results of treatment before it is even carried out. This information can be very motivating to a patient, and give them a taste of the results to come.


As technology continues to progress, there are new and better ways to do things. 3D scanning helps to improve orthodontic diagnosis and give a better experience for both the orthodontist, and the patient.


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