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Embracing Your Braces | Surrey Braces, Invisalign

Braces – The Evolution and Care

Teeth braces have evolved over the years, but have generally been comprised of metal fixtures cemented to each tooth. Whether they are attached to the cheek side, or the tongue side of the teeth, both have their advantages and will straighten your teeth over time, but as your Surrey Orthodontist we will consult with you on which procedure is best for your prognosis.

Often the earlier you have your orthodontic treatment completed, the easier it is to both adjust your new “hardware”, as well as adjust to the lifestyle involved with sporting the new addition to your mouth. From diet to sports, slight provisions will need to be made to prevent damaging your braces.

In addition – at a younger age – teeth braces, arch wires, and bands can be colourful fun for children, adolescents and teenagers to choose from.

Despite the fact that braces have maintained their overall form and function over the years, they are now a lot smaller and …dare we say – fashionable to wear. In addition, adults and some teenagers have the option of using Invisalign, which are essentially “invisible” braces that straighten your teeth in stages.

Caring for your braces is also an imperative part of the process. Being at the orthodontic office time and again for broken braces caused from eating hard candy or foods, can cause a disruption in your treatment. So ensuring you’re avoiding consumables and activities that can damage your braces, is all part of the process.

In addition, there will be a slight change in the overall hygiene involved in brushing and flossing with teeth braces. You will want to brush more frequently, and the type of floss you will use will change and become slightly more labour intensive, as it is more of a threading system. But both brushing as well as flossing are incredibly important to ensure that the smile you’re creating is not only straight, but also healthy throughout your orthodontic treatment, and for years to come.

You will be provided with a complete list of “how why what where when’s” as it pertains to caring for your braces, but when in doubt – ask. At MadukeBulat we are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have, both before your orthodontic treatment, during, as well as following your completed care!

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