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Fear Not …Addressing Dental-Related Fears

We have all been there. Sitting in the waiting room listening to the whir of the drills, sniffing the all-too-familiar scents of a dental office, nervous for what’s ahead. Whether you have had a bad experience, or have had no experience at all, the known and the unknown alike can both be equally frightening.

At MadukeBulat, we want our patients to come into our orthodontics office as fear-free as possible, and as a parent calming the fears, or a potential client – we feel that being informed is the first step to calming your nerves. Once you have visited with us, we have full confidence that our gentle and informative staff will relax you into a ‘spa-like’ serenity. From there we will walk you through the types of orthodontics procedures we offer, and answer all your questions until you are fully at ease.

Here are 8 simple steps you can take to ensure that you -or your child- will have a positive, fear-free experience with us!

– Know that we understand your fears. You won’t be coming into the office, sitting under bright lights, and be poked nor prodded. Rather you will be comforted, listened to, and well educated on how our service is going to gently take you from tooth misalignment, to an amazing, gleaming smile!

– We encourage you to visit us even before your first appointment. Have a look around, meet the receptionist, sign up on our Facebook page and have a boo at our contests, the smiling faces of our completed clients, and the fun interaction that goes on within the office.

– Feel free to bring a friend with you to your appointment! If you have friend also looking for orthodontic treatment, bring them to sit in on your consultation. We don’t mind making it a “friendly affair” 🙂

– Once your appointments begin, we can create a “safety sign” for you. If, at any time, you feel the need to take a break and want us to stop what we’re doing, you can prompt us with the agreed upon “sign”.

– Bring your music with you! We don’t mind if you want your own personal iPod with you to listen to music during your visit. It will help you relax. And that’s one of our main desires for our patients. Simply …to relax!

Braces might seem like a fearful procedure for some [link url=]braces for children[/link] but we hope these helpful tips will assist to ease the fears of those looking to start orthodontic treatment, and that fear is replaced with excitement for a new smile!

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