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Global Awareness – A Community of Concern

At MadukeBulat, our desire is to see our clients smile – yes. But our hearts also desire for community involvement, for charity awareness, and for the well being of those in less-fortunate parts of the globe. As such, we want to bring awareness of local efforts being made in the communities that surround our [link url=]Surrey Orthodontic[/link] office, and shine a light on worthy efforts.

Poverty Revolution is exactly one of those charitable organizations we want to mention. Engaged Canadians have partnered with FH Canada to end poverty one community at a time. They provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved and make a tangible difference in the fight against poverty.

FH Canada is part of the global Food for the Hungry association dedicated to ending this poverty. Their work reaches out to 10 communities in 10 countries around the world.

Here are some ways they suggest YOU can get involved with a project, and generate a smile for yourself – and so many others!

– Sponsoring a child
– Giving a resourceful gift
– Praying for the community
– Learning from each other on a visit
– Supporting sustainable community projects, like community savings groups or terracing initiatives
– Starting a group and encouraging others to join
– Telling other people about the revolutionary approach that you and FH Canada are embarking on to end poverty!

For more information, visit them at:

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