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How An Incentive Program Keeps Your Kids Brushing On Track

Tooth brushing is important. Adults know this, but even if kids know it too, it is not high on the to-do list for many children. Whether it is an actual dislike of having their teeth brushed, or simply a desire to be doing something else, kids have various reasons to skimp out on this important dental hygiene activity.

Parents who are frustrated with their kids’ lack of tooth brushing may feel like there is nothing left to do, but an incentive program works wonders to motivate kids and keep them on track.

Rewards are something everyone enjoys, whether they are treated to a dearly wanted gift, a special outing, or a much anticipated event. Bringing that sense of winning to an everyday activity may be all you need to get your kids excited to brush their teeth.

Many children are visually oriented, and seeing the stickers or checkmarks on a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar for tooth brushing is encouraging. Kids will want to ensure their calendar or chart is complete by not missing a single tooth brushing opportunity!

Incentive programs get your kids into the habit of regular tooth brushing, so that it becomes part of their daily routines. While you may need to keep up the incentive program once you get it started, you can rest assured that eventually, tooth brushing will have simply become a healthy habit, whether it is incentivized or not.
You can check in with your kids regularly, using an incentive program, without them feeling like you are nagging or bothering them. Instead of asking about tooth brushing, you can ask about how they are doing with their work toward their reward, keeping the conversation light and happy. It’s a great way to encourage kids!

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