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How are Orthodontic Braces Fitted?

How are Orthodontic Braces Fitted?

Braces are an excellent solution go crooked teeth or bite issues. If you are considering orthodontic braces for yourself or a loved one, you may be asking yourself a number of questions. One commonly asked question is “how are orthodontic braces fitted?”

There are two answers to this question depending on whether we are considering traditional metal wire dental braces, or clear braces such as Invisalign.

Dental Braces

Dental braces are usually fitted in two sessions. On the first visit, spacers are fitted between the back molars. These spacers help to create space around your molars for the bands to be installed on your next visit.

The next visit takes place about a week later, giving the spacers enough time to work. During this visit, the spacers are first removed, and then the teeth are polished and cleaned. Teeth need to be very clean to allow the glue to hold fast.

Next, bands are fitted around the molars. There can be a bit of trail and error here to find bands that fit perfectly. After these are fit, the next step is to fit the brackets. For the adhesive to work properly, your teeth need to be clean and dry. A lip guard is used to hold your lips out of the way, and keep saliva away. The other teeth are then fit with a bracket.

Next, once all the teeth have been fit with a bracket, a wire is inserted. The wire is held in place with small elastic “donuts”. These wires are adjusted as time goes on to make sure teeth are moving in the right direction.

Clear Braces

Fitting clear braces is a quicker ordeal compared to fixed dental braces. The first step to getting clear braces is to have an impression or model of your mouth and teeth taken. This may be a mold, or a 3D scan. This information, along with orthodontic instruction, is sent off to the brace manufacturer. They will then send back a set of several aligners that you will move through.

Your orthodontist will help to fit the aligners into your mouth and make sure it is seated correctly. You will also be given clear instructions on how best to wear it.

Both options require time and ultimately result in the same outcome. Talk to your orthodontist to determine which option is best for you.

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