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How crowded teeth can affect health

The Impact of Crowded Teeth on Your Health

Many people think that the only problem crowded teeth cause is a bad smile. In fact, a common misconception of most orthodontics procedures is that they’re done solely for cosmetic reasons and not to create a healthier mouth. Crowded teeth can lead to numerous health problems if they’re not taken care of.

Gum Disease and Crowded Teeth

Gum disease is a very common problem caused by crowded teeth. Gum disease starts after bacteria forms into plaque. Crowded teeth can see more plaque development, especially if the gums don’t fit securely around the teeth. Cleaning teeth can be more challenging as well, which also leads to increased plaque development.

Tooth Damage and Injuries

More tooth damage and injuries can occur with crowded teeth. For example, crowded teeth could lead to one or more tooth protruding and grinding away on other teeth. This causes more enamel erosion over time. These protruding teeth can also chip or crack other teeth while biting or chewing.

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Chewing Difficulties and Jaw Alignment

Chewing difficulties are also common, as the jaw may not line up correctly and teeth may be biting the inside of the mouth. If the jaw alignment is off, that can cause damage to the bones, ligaments, and muscles.

The Impact on Mental Health

Aside from physical health, crowded teeth can also be detrimental to your mental health. Bad breath is caused by lingering mouth bacteria, which causes a person to be more self-conscious and less confident about talking to people. Having crowded teeth may also reduce your willingness to smile, which can cause an increase in stress and fear when in social situations.

If you’re currently suffering from crowded teeth and want to see Surrey’s orthodontics expert, come and see the friendly and caring staff at Maduke-Bulat Orthodontics. We’ll create a personalized treatment program that will help end the health problems your teeth may have caused you.

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