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How Do Braces Fix Gaps Between Teeth?

How Do Braces Fix Gaps Between Teeth

Braces are the most common way to treat gaps between teeth. There are several types of braces, but the most popular ones are metal braces, silver braces, and Invisalign. Metal braces are fixed to your teeth and are made from brackets, bands, archwire, O-Rings, and elastics.

Metal braces move your teeth into the correct position through a series of wires that stretch and pull-on teeth and jaw. The constant force applied gradually pulls teeth into proper alignment and eliminates gaps between teeth.

Do Braces Hurt When Fixing Gaps?

Not really. Over time, you forget you have them. In the very beginning there may be some discomfort when you first get them attached, but it’s not bad. Some over-the-counter Tylenol will take care of any discomfort. 

Wearing braces is not a painful process. There is some occasional discomfort when you come in for an adjustment, but that only lasts for a day or two. 

How Long Do Braces Take to Fix Gaps?

The average treatment time depends on how bad your gap is. Some teeth gaps can be fixed in a few months, while others can take 2-3 years. Check with your orthodontist and stay consistent with your braces to get the best results. Patient compliance plays a big role in how long braces are required to finish treatment.

Is Braces or Invisalign Better for Correcting Teeth Gaps?

Invisalign is another popular choice when dealing with teeth gaps because it is comfortable, discreet, and effective. Invisalign is effective at closing spaces, and overtime can solve most gap issues. However, Invisalign treatment is not appropriate for every case, and sometimes, it may be better to use metal or silver braces instead. 

Only a professional orthodontist can tell you which course of treatment will work best for you. At Maduke Bulat, we specialize in both traditional braces and Invisalign. Our team conducts detailed evaluations to create individual treatment plans that help you get the results you want.

Maduke-Bulat is a long-established orthodontics practice in Surrey, BC. Dr. Sandra Maduke and Dr. Ryan Bulat are both certified specialists offering cutting-edge orthodontics in a warm and compassionate environment.

If you have any questions about this article or orthodontics in general, or if you want to make an appointment with Maduke-Bulat, please contact us at (604) 591-8621.

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