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How Do Orthodontists Treat Jaw Pain and Dysfunction?

How Do Orthodontists Treat Jaw Pain and Dysfunction

Jaw pain, dysfunction, and misalignment can impact on one’s life, making everyday tasks significantly more difficult. Patients often request a consultation with an orthodontist in order to evaluate and treat jaw symptoms.

Treating jaw pain and dysfunction is not a quick process, and it is important for patients to understand that correcting a bite will not necessarily improve jaw pain or function. In fact, orthodontic treatment can worsen symptoms. For this reason, an evaluation with another dental specialist, an Oral Medicine Specialist, is required for patients with jaw pain prior to commencing orthodontic treatment involving braces, clear braces or clear aligner (Invisalign) therapy.


Braces are the most widely recognized orthodontic appliance and have existed since the early 1900s. Often made from metal or ceramic, braces apply continuous pressure to move teeth into the correct position. 

By adjusting the alignment of your teeth, an orthodontist can create a healthy bite pattern (occlusion).


An alternative to braces, Invisalign trays can be a good solution. These custom-made clear plastic aligners fit over your teeth (similar to a mouth guard) and gently move them into position over time. They are less visible than metal braces and can be taken out before eating and cleaning. 

Like braces, their purpose is to correct teeth alignment and correct bite problems. To achieve this, Invisalign trays must be replaced and updated to continue applying the necessary amount of force.

Corrective Orthognathic Surgery

When braces or Invisalign are not enough to fix your jaw issues, corrective surgery may be required, in conjunction with braces. Orthognathic surgery is recommended for severe jaw misalignment that causes functional issues, such as difficulty chewing, speaking, or functioning in general. 

Some of the most common conditions treated by orthognathic surgery include congenital abnormalities, severe malocclusions, facial asymmetry, other disorders.

As you can see, orthodontists have a few methods for treating bite problems. Visit an orthodontist today for personalized treatment.

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