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How To Tell If Your Kids or You Need Braces

Forget the braces of yesteryear. Many of our patients, even the younger ones, look forward to coming to our office for their appointments. Perhaps it’s the comfortable atmosphere, the friendly helpful staff, the fun monthly contests or the photoshoot. At Maduke Bulat Orthodontists we try to make getting braces as enjoyable an experience as possible.

With new and rapid advancements in the dental industry, braces no longer look like a metal fence positioned across the mouth. Instead, today they now look stylish and can be customized to suit the wearer’s personality. Given the huge array of benefits they offer, their effectiveness cannot be emphasized enough.

In order to determine whether or not you or a child needs braces, regular visits to orthodontists are advised. Parents should visit an orthodontist with kids no later than seven years of age. At this time, the first signs of possible orthodontic issues can be detected. Our orthodontists can determine if there are any issues causing concern. Then, these issues can be monitored for the next few years to come and it can be determined if braces will be necessary. Apart from these visits to orthodontists, one can also determine whether or not braces are needed by looking for the following signs and irregularities.

[b]Signs to Set Off Alarms[/b]

This condition occurs when there are noticeable gaps between the teeth that may make eating and chewing uncomfortable. Teeth spacing is usually caused by genetics, periodontal disease and lip entrapment and braces can help remedy the situation.

On the flip side of spacing, we have overcrowding when teeth grow too close to each other. Overcrowding is usually caused by teeth that are too large for the child’s mouth. To check for overcrowding, look for teeth that are overlapping in your child’s mouth.

Overbite is an irregularity when the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth upon closing the mouth. If you or your child smiles and the bottom teeth get covered by the upper teeth, it’s an overbite.

The opposite of an overbite is an underbite. This is the condition when the bottom teeth protrude or overlap the upper front teeth when the mouth is closed.

Another common bite irregularity is when the upper teeth are inside of the lower teeth. This irregularity causes crooked teeth and it may even look as if teeth are overlapping each other. This is often seen in children who have a habit of sucking thumbs.

Other Signs
Some other signs that may be linked to underlying dental problems and necessitate orthodontist visits are listed below.

Jaw pain
Speech impediment
Difficulty in chewing

[b]The Benefits of Braces[/b]

Improved smile and facial appearance
Improved oral heath
Improved oral function

Look for the signs listed above to determine if you or your child needs braces and if you need to [link url=]schedule an appointment[/link] with the orthodontists at Maduke Bulat.

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