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Hydration Station

As your [link url=]Orthodontic Specialists in Surrey and Delta[/link], we are not here to simply provide you with great smiles; we are also here to ensure your overall health is address both during and after your treatment with us.

So this week, we want to talk about H20. That’s right …water!

You likely know that your body is comprised mostly of water, so staying hydrated via the substance you are made of is a wise and healthy decision.

You may or may not know that dehydrations can have very serious neurological effects, as well as disrupt your body’s natural ability to function overall. Dehydration can lead to cramps, cognitive disruptions, short-term memory loss – among a whole list of other concerns – and can generate an inability to focus overall.

With school back in, and of course “business as usual” for you parents …this lack of focus can be disruptive, frustrating, and create a roadblock for productivity. The lack of concentration dehydration can accrue, adds to the list of concerns the lack of water in your body creates.

So stay hydrated. Find a water bottle in your favourite colour, and sip often from this fountain of “functionability”. It will ease the stress of the aforementioned dehydration dilemmas, and ensure you are operating at your best throughout the day.

Although we know that “Milk Does A Body Good” …we also know that “Water Does A Body GREAT”. So stay happily hydrated and keep smiling!

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