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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Braces

While braces are in the works to creating a beautiful smile for you, they also create a slightly more intensive cleaning regimen. Cleaning around your braces, and ensuring your teeth are truly cleaned of food debris and pesky plaque, is an imperative part of acquiring a healthy smile along with a straight one.

Enduring a cavity during braces or any time for that matter is not ideal and plaque is the culprit behind cavities.

Plaque is the sticky film found on teeth that has no colour but is a collection of bacteria and sugars that have formed on the surface of your teeth. In addition to cavities, it can also cause gum disease, and turn into tartar.

We all have plaque on our teeth at times there is no getting around it (except with a toothbrush!). Because bacteria is always forming in our mouth, it needs to be addressed in order to maintain optimal oral health.

Now by ‘addressed’ we don’t simply mean with gum or mouthwash, but rather with a toothbrush manually getting in there and removing the plaque that settles on your teeth and around your teeth braces.

As your Surrey Orthodontic Specialists, we have some suggestions on how you can minimize plaque. They are pretty simple but reminders never hurt!

-brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, after meals and before bed
-floss your teeth to insure all food debris has been removed from between your teeth
-limit the consumption of sugary, starchy and acidic food and drinks
-visit your dentist regularly for cleanings

Along with maintaining your braces and keeping up with your regular orthodontic treatment, ensure you also have regular cleanings at your dentists. This will minimize the effects of plaque, and ensure that tartar doesn’t buildup either.

At MadukeBulat, we will keep a close eye on the health of your teeth, and let you know if we see anything concerning. But in the meantime brush brush brush (and floss), and we look forward to seeing your healthy smile at your next appointment!

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