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Life After Braces

Nothing makes us smile bigger, than seeing your broad smile – post braces! As your local orthodontist serving Surrey, Delta, and the Lower Mainland as a whole, we have addressed many patients’ orthodontic concerns …and have seen treatments through from childhood, to adolescence to adulthood.

However, once your braces are off …we still want to see you! Retainers will become the new fixture of your future. Whether they are fixed or removable, your retainer will ensure that your teeth retain their structure for years to come.

Wearing a Retainer
A retainer’s purpose is to maintain tooth position after treatment is completed, and braces are removed. Once your bite has been corrected, bone and gums need more time to stabilize around the teeth.

The recommended length of time for wearing a retainer varies. Most children and teenagers wear retainers until their early to mid-20s or until their wisdom teeth come in or are removed. We recommend indefinite retainer wear to maintain your beautiful teeth!

Orthodontic Care – The Limits

Limits to your orthodontic care can be caused by allergic reactions to metal or latex, which is why we use non-latex materials in our office. Adults with periodontal concerns can still have corrective braces or Invisalign, but we consult with your family dentist and sometimes a periodontal specialist throughout treatment, to ensure that your teeth are maintained in as healthy a state as possible.

In non-growing patients, jaw surgery is sometimes required in addition to teeth braces: again, as certified specialists in orthodontics, we would take a multidisciplinary approach and consult with your family dentist and an oral surgeon as well.

As your Surrey Orthodontist, we will review your options fully with you before beginning treatment.

Orthodontic Care – The Benefits

It’s recommended that children, as of the age of 7, should have their teeth assessed for orthodontic care.

It’s advised that you don’t wait until permanent teeth have erupted, as there are cost effective and jaw/palate growth aids that can be addressed early on, providing more space for the teeth to grow and come together.

However, whether you are an adult overseeing your child’s needs, or one looking into their own dental concerns MadukeBulat is here to assist you at every stage, at any age!

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