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Making braces fashionable for kids

Fashion is important for people of all ages. Today, many kids are the style leaders of their families, paying attention to the latest trends and always wanting to be in the hippest and most fashionable clothes.

When a child, no matter what age, starts wearing braces, many of them are concerned that their new dental appliance will cramp their style. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Braces for kids are changing, and their looks are changing. Gone are the clunky, one-colour braces of the past.

Now there are numerous options to make braces more fashionable. The first is by changing the colours of the elastics used in the braces. The hardware of the braces, the bands and the brackets, are attached to each other with elastic ligatures. You can choose almost any colour you can imagine for these ligatures, from red, blue, green, and even clear. Since these ligatures are changed often, the patient can match their braces to the holidays, or to their favourite colour, or even the clothing they know they’re wearing in the future.

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Braces don’t have to be boring if the wearer wants to brighten up their smiles with different colours and patterns.

Another aesthetic option is to wear clear brace hardware or to use Invisalign, if the orthodontist recommends it. Instead of adding colours, you can make them look almost invisible.

Braces for teens have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Before worrying about how they might ruin your fashion choices, come and talk to the amazing staff at Maduke Bulat and we can talk you through all of your style options.

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