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Melt – Raising Awareness!

About one in twelve glaciers that exist in the world today can be found in British Columbia; glaciers are a part of this province’s identity. But by 2100 we are projected to lose up to 80% of our glacial ice. Already, British Columbia’s glaciers permanently lose about 22 billion cubic metres of water per year: the equivalent of filling up BC Place stadium with water 8300 times. This is unsustainable.

MELT is an eye opening feature that gets personal with the story of our glaciers and what their disappearance means for life in BC. It’s the journey of 3 friends heading out across the province in search of the truth about whats happening to their home. We want to inspire British Columbians to take action and protect our beautiful province.

Dr. Maduke and Dr. Bulat are proud to raise awareness about this cause not only because of its powerful message, but also because one of its 3 leaders is a previous patient and part of the Maduke-Bulat family.

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