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One-Phase versus Two-Phase Treatment

As your [link url=]Surrey Orthodontist[/link], we must carefully evaluate our patients’ esthetic concerns when planning treatment. Diagnosis and treatment plans are based on your facial structure, in conjunction with your skeletal pattern and tooth positions.

The success of [link url=]Surrey Orthodontics[/link] does not depend on appliances alone, but also upon diagnostic decisions and on treatment control. The major concern in your orthodontic treatment is not only to move your teeth to create an amazing smile, but to move your teeth in harmony with your face, and to keep them stable after treatment.

At MadukeBulat, we want to establish an improved dental health condition that will provide the benefits of an optimal bite and smile.

Here is how we approach those objectives…

Phase I
Phase I is also called interceptive treatment, and usually starts when your child has a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth, around the age of 7 to 9. Your child may exhibit early signs of jaw problems as they grow and develop, so our goal is to intercept any severe orthodontic problems in an effort to reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive treatment later, such as extractions or surgery.

These problems include skeletal dysplasia, crossbites, and severe crowding.

Early orthodontic treatment can prevent the upper or lower jaw from growing too much or not enough. Leaving certain conditions untreated until all permanent teeth erupt, can result in a jaw imbalances too severe for [link url=]teeth braces for children[/link] to ideally correct.

It should be noted that undergoing Phase I therapy does not eliminate the need for Phase II. Rather, it increases the likelihood of optimal esthetic and functional results from Phase II.

Between phases, your child will need to wear a retainer to maintain the Phase I results, and allow the remaining permanent teeth to grow in. In addition, [link url=]retainers after braces[/link] may also be required to maintain their alignment.

Phase II
The goal of Phase II is to position all of your child’s permanent teeth to maximize appearance and function. We accomplish this by placing [link url=]dental braces[/link] on all of your child’s upper and lower teeth, resulting in the amazing smile we provide for all our [link url=]Surrey Orthodontic[/link] clients.

Despite the length of time this two-phase process might appear to have, at MadukeBulat – we ensure the comfort of your child throughout their entire treatment. After which, their optimal oral health will be in place for the remainder of their lives, as well as the benefits of a winning smile!

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