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Orthodontic Services in Surrey

Surrey Orthodontics Clinic – What to Expect

At Maduke-Bulat, we are committed to making your entire orthodontic experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

When you come in to our orthodontics clinic in Surrey for your first visit, it’s natural to be a little nervous. Our orthodontists and staff will do our best to put you at ease, and discuss some options and results in a no-pressure, friendly way. We want this initial visit to be helpful to you and your family dentist, so be sure to let us know any special concerns you’d like us to address. This initial orthodontics consultation visit is provided free of charge.

The examination appointment

The examination appointment is designed to answer a few basic questions that most potential orthodontics patients and/or their parents have when talking with an orthodontist specialist.

Is there a problem that would benefit from orthodontic treatment?

What is the best treatment to correct this problem?

What is the estimated length of orthtodontics treatment?

When is the best time to begin treatment?

What are the costs of orthodontic treatments, and what financial arrangements are available?

If orthodontics treatment is indicated, we will need to take diagnostic records to determine the best approach. These would consist of plaster study moulds of the teeth as well as x-rays and photos of your face and teeth. Most times we can accommodate a records appointment within this initial consultation if required. Please call our front desk staff to arrange an appointment.

Supportive visits during orthodontic treatment

During the course of orthodontic treatment at Maduke-Bulat, we encourage patients to regularly visit our Surrey office with their families, parents and siblings to observe and support the process.