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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

The thought of braces can bring out images of a silver-grinned teenager. Times have changed, and braces are no longer just for kids. Adults struggling with crooked or misaligned teeth now have options to fix these issues, while still maintaining a professional appearance. These options include:


  • Removable aligners
  • Clear braces

The first step is to visit an orthodontist near you to discuss which option might best suit your lifestyle, as well as your specific treatment requirements. One orthodontic treatment that might be suggested is the use of a removable aligner, such as Invisalign. These aligners are clear, meaning they are hard to see when in your mouth. In addition, they are removable, meaning you can take them out during meetings, or other special occasions.

They are worn throughout the day and night, and the wearer must be disciplined about making sure these aligners are worn at almost all times.


Another option is clear braces. These are similar to traditional braces, and your orthodontist will install these exactly like traditional braces, glued directly to the outside if your teeth. The main difference here is that these braces are completely clear, making them almost invisible at a glance. The downside is these are permanently attached, and are not removable throughout the day. The upside is that as these are permanent, the temptation to remove them is not there.


It is time to find an “orthodontist near me” and begin your orthodontic treatment and consultation today. Not only will you look better, but you will also feel better as well.

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