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Orthodontic Treatment, Timing is Everything

Choosing the best time for orthodontic treatment, can be confusing for a lot of parents. Although nobody wants to undergo years of financial commitments in order to straighten their child’s teeth, prolonging the inevitable can end up costing you more

As early as 6-7 years of age, we can recognize if your child is developing malocclusions, otherwise known as a ‘bad bite’. Once recognized, early steps can be taken to reduce the need for major orthodontic treatment at a later age.

[b]Addressing Early Treatment[/b]

Between the ages of 6-7, your dental professional, or Orthodontic Specialist, can detect whether or not your child has underdeveloped dental arches, if they are prematurely losing primary teeth, or if any harmful habits have affected the growth and development of the arches.

Treatment at these early stages may successful, and in the event that they are, it can eliminate the need for future orthodontic treatment. Which means savings on braces for you in the long run.

[b]Addressing Mixed Dentition[/b]

Between the ages of 6 to 12, the eruption of the permanent front teeth occurs, as well as the development of the 6-year molars.

Treatment at this time deals with jaw malrelationships and dental realignment problems. Although it might seem incredibly early to start orthodontic treatment, it is actually an excellent age to start altering your child’s hard and soft tissues, as they are usually very responsive to orthodontic treatment during this time.

[b]Addressing Adolescent Dentition[/b]

This is the most popular time when individuals undergo orthodontic treatment, as the permanent teeth are now in place and ready to begin their shift to correct alignment. As well, the final bite will be corrected to prevent future concerns in later years.

At [link url= ]MadukeBulat Orthodontists[/link], we want to ensure that your child’s teeth develop and shift at the optimal time in which to do so. Whether the aim is to prevent future costs, prompt straight teeth, or correct a crooked bite, we’re here to help!

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