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Orthodontics for Adults

When it comes to orthodontic treatment for adults, they tend to have a specific list of questions and concerns. As your orthodontic specialist in Surrey who provides [link url=orthodontics_braces.php]braces for adults[/link], we understand your cautious approach to this type of dental treatment.

As an adult patient, know that you will not only be improving your personal appearance with teeth braces, but this procedure will also increase your self-esteem, and more importantly – the health of your teeth and gums.

At MadukeBulat, we use a variety of dental appliances to help create a beautiful, healthy smile, no matter your age. From the straightforward process of straightening crooked teeth, to aligning the upper and lower jaws, to improving dental function and facial profiles. These are all part-and-parcel to your [link url=orthodontics_braces.php]orthodontic treatment[/link].

Did You Know…
That correcting your misaligned teeth and aligning your jaws, not only improves your appearance, it can prevent gum disease, bone loss, tooth decay, wear of the tooth enamel and surfaces, as well as headaches and jaw joint pain?

As one ages, you may begin to experience discomfort in your jaw (some adults endure TMJ …a fairly common jaw joint issue), recession in your gums, and growing concern for decay occurring in the nooks of your crooked teeth. All of these concerns can, and should be addressed to optimize your health, lasting the span of your adult life.

Adult Treatment…The Process
While each treatment time frame is individual, and varies from person to person, adult orthodontic treatment usually lasts anywhere between 18 to 30 months.

At MadukeBulat, we use the most modern technology to ensure that your treatment is comfortable, effective and efficient, minimizing adult treatment as much as possible.

A variety of options are available, from traditional metal [link url=orthodontics_braces.php]dental braces for adults[/link] to clear ceramic braces, to [link url=orthodontics_invisalign.php]Invisalign[/link].

Because the bones in your skeletal structure are no longer growing or shifting, orthodontic treatment for adults may involve the removal of teeth to create more space, corrective jaw surgery, [link url=orthodontics_retainers.php]retainers after braces[/link], and possible grinding of high-tips of teeth.

With so many options available for our adult clients, we ensure your comfort, peace of mind, and a happy and healthy smile as a result! Don’t hesitate to come in and meet with us for a [link url=contact.php]consultation[/link].

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