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Questions to Ask Prior to Getting Braces

You’ve recently had a visit to your Orthodontist and discovered that you are going to need braces. Before they are put on, you may need to take some time to reflect and learn about the options you have in terms of braces. It’s also good to know what other accessories are going to be required. The following questions should be discussed with your orthodontist prior to getting braces in order to help you determine which braces are going to be most suitable for your lifestyle and your teeth.

What Kind of Braces Are Available to Suit my Needs?

This is a big question. Did you realize that braces are not just the clunky metal fittings that they once were? Orthodontists can now fit you a variety of different braces. Ask about:
– Invisible-style braces, known as Invisalign
– Ceramic braces
– Metal braces – pros and cons

You will also want to know where you’ll be needing the braces (upper, lower, or both). Ask about whether or not you will be needing rubber bands or headgear.

What Kind of Treatment Will I Require?

It is important to know whether or not you will be needing jaw surgery, extractions, or any other treatment before, after, or during the braces. You should also ask about how often you will be needing to go in to the orthodontist’s office for adjustments. Understanding how much pain you can expect is also very important. Speak with your orthodontist openly about these concerns before getting your braces so that you know what to expect.

How Much Will it Cost?

Always be sure to ask about overall cost, payment plans, insurance options, and cost breakdowns.

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