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Reserve the Local Tooth Fairy!

The office of Dr. Maduke and Dr. Bulat is now offering in-school presentations!

We offer this community-based service in Delta and Surrey Schools as a way to teach children about the importance of oral hygiene. For kindergarten to grade 2 classes, our Tooth Fairy comes into the classroom and provides a fun and interactive presentation all about maintaining healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. For classes up to grade 7, our Orthodontic Coordinator provides a fun presentation that focuses on cavity prevention but also touches on career information as well.

Our goal with this program is really to inform and educate, and to have some fun doing it! We invite Teachers and parents to call our office at 604-591-8621 with any questions about this program, or to schedule a date and time that our team can visit your child’s classroom!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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