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Retainers. A Smile’s Lasting Solution

Throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment, we might mention from time to time that there will be a retainer required after your braces are complete. This vital appliance will be the catalyst in keeping your teeth straight, once all the “straightening” is through. Read below to learn why wearing a retainer is important.

As flexible as this appliance may seem to you, which might have you concluding that it is an unnecessary piece of apparatus, nothing could be further from the truth. Your retainer will ensure your teeth maintain that perfect smile you likely took years to achieve, for years to come.

Sometimes the retainer wire will be fixed to the back of your teeth, and other times it will be a removable retainer. Your teeth have undergone multiple years of orthodontics, but the bone and tissue that surrounds your teeth will still need time to stabilize.

Statistically, in the first month after your braces are removed, the risk of relapse is very high. It can take up to, and be in excess of a year, for your teeth, bones and gum tissue to stabilize once your treatment is complete. And the larger the structural correction was, the longer the time that will be required for your retainer. Therefore, it is very important to wear your retainer.

Same goes for the braces for your teeth, as for your retainer after braces, they are both fitted to and adjusted just for you, the wearer.

As your Surrey Orthodontics Specialists, we will prescribe the retention plan that will work best for the maintenance and structure of your teeth. Some retainers are used full-time for the first 6 months, after which they are worn only at night for a few years following. Fixed retainers are normally kept in place for 5 years.

We will give you guidance and instructions when we fit your teeth with a retainer, but always remember that retainers should be taken out during eating, contact sports and when brushing your teeth.

In addition, your retainer also requires maintenance. Be sure to remove it as often as you brush your teeth. Clean your retainer as you would your teeth, in cold tap water with your toothbrush and some toothpaste.

At MadukeBulat Orthodontists, we don’t just want to see you walk out of our office with a beautiful smile, we want to see you return many years later, with your children in tow, still donning the same beautiful smile!

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