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Retaining Your Smile With Retainers

[b]Retainers After Braces[/b]
After your orthodontic treatment has been completed, you will require [link url=]retainers after braces[/link] to maintain your new smile.
Even though you have had wires keeping your teeth in place for -likely- a couple of years, the bone and tissue that surrounds your teeth still needs time to stabilize. Statistically, in the first month after your braces are removed, the risk of relapse is very high.

Relapse means that the teeth will attempt to move back to their original positions, and can take up to one year or more to stabilize post-treatment. Depending on the malocclusion present previous to your [link url=]Surrey Orthodontic[/link] treatment, the retention period could be longer.

[b]Appearance Clearance[/b]
[link url=]Retainers after braces[/link] are designed specifically for each individual, and can either be constructed as a removable appliance, or as a fixed wire bonded at the back of your front teeth. So no need for alarm that your mouth will be undergoing another “appearance altering existence”.

[b]Retainer Duration[/b]
As your [link url=]Surrey Orthodontist[/link], we will prescribe the retention plan that is best for you. Most retainers are used full-time for the first 6 months, after which they are worn only at night for a few years.

We will advise you on the proper use and care of your [link url=]retainers after braces[/link]. Removable retainers should be taken out during eating, contact sports and when brushing your teeth.

It is important to clean your teeth of course, but your retainers also require maintenance. Be sure to clean them as often as you brush your teeth. Clean your retainer as you would your teeth, in tap water with your toothbrush and some toothpaste.

[b]Safe Keeping[/b]
The safest place for your retainers is in your mouth. If you are not using your retainers, they should always be kept in the appliance kit you are provided with.

[b]Retainer Life[/b]
A removable [link url=]retainer after braces[/link] has a wire keeping the front teeth aligned, and it is visible – but much less than your fixed braces were.

If you have a removable retainer in your upper jaw, it will take you one to two days to get accustomed to it and to speak properly. Note that it is normal to experience a lot of saliva in your mouth with a new retainer.

Clear retainers are also available and appropriate for most patients

Fixed retainers do not affect speech.

[b]Once Retained Always Retained?[/b]
Your smile should maintain itself if all post-care is followed. However, from the age of 20 to 50 years, faces mature and teeth continue to push forward, causing potential crowding of the lower front teeth. This can happen regardless of whether you have had wisdom teeth removed, or previous orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth.

To avoid the risk of late crowding, removable retainers can be worn at night for a longer period, and fixed retainers kept in for more than 2 years.

It is a lifelong commitment to maintaining your oral health, but we think you will agree – that a maximized smile is worth this minimal effort!

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