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Scholarship Winner – Abbie Abe!

The entire team at Maduke Bulat would like to Congratulate Abbie Abe for winning the 2017 Dr. Maduke & Dr. Bulat Scholarship.

Abbie is an exceptional student from Sullivan Heights Secondary in Surrey who will be using this scholarship toward her studies at UBC this coming Fall.

Here are some words from Abbie:

My name is Abbie Abe and I am the recipient of your Dr. Maduke & Dr. Bulat Scholarship.  Thank you for your kind donation.  This scholarship will assist me in my post-secondary endeavors at the University of British Columbia.  I will begin working towards my Bachelor of Science in the September 2017 and I look forward to becoming a dentist in the future.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Once again, we congratulate Abbie, we wish her many successes in her studies and look forward to having her joining the dental industry in the future!

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