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Selfies. The Modern Portrait

If you haven’t heard, a “selfie” is a photo taken by your own handiwork. It’s the modern portrait and takes very little photography equipment. In fact, your everyday cell phone will work just fine!

That being said, it has come to our attention that there are ways in which to fully optimize your selfie, and be camera ready at the drop of a hat.

Brace yourself for our two-part series on selfies, offering some helpful tips for our parents and teens alike hoping to catch a quick self-portrait of Vogue quality 🙂

1. The Selfie Wears Prada

If you have ever seen a Prada ad (or any high-fashion ad for that matter), you will have likely noticed the ‘barely there’ smile that lingers on the models lips. A slight look of disinterest with just a hint of happy.

Although this is not the image moms encourage their children to create for the Christmas family photo, it works nearly perfectly every time for a selfie. Subtle yet effective.

A gentle, non-affixed smile causes your face to relax, and your features to look smooth and welcoming. The edges of your upper front teeth touch your lower lip, the corners of your mouth crease ever-so-slightly into a simple, yet pleasant, nearly non-existent smile and voila – your selfie wears Prada!

2. Angle for Angular

Angle is to a selfie, what location is to a storefront. Having the right angle will make all the difference in your selfie portrait.
Elongate your neck, hold your camera just above your head, tilt your nose down slightly, and create the same smile as mentioned about. And SNAP! Angular selfie capture perfection.

3. Lipstick Jungle

No need for blood red lips. it’s not Halloween after all. Instead, choose a soft shade that nearly makes your lips fade into your skin tone, but not so light that your lips leave no trace under the bright light of your flash. Lipstick can enhance the line of your lip, while also making your teeth appear whiter. Use that to your advantage.

At MadukeBulat Orthodontists we’re not simply about ‘Braces and Invisalign’ we’re here to help bring trending matters to our smiling audience! Check back next week when we reveal the final touches for your perfect selfie.

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