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Should I Get My Broken Retainer Fixed or Replaced?

Should I Get My Broken Retainer Fixed or Replaced?

After investing time and money on your orthodontics, a retainer is a final vital step in making sure your teeth settle into their new positions and remain there. These are custom designed to fit your teeth but are removable to allow you the freedom to show off your new smile.

There are a number of reasons why a dental retainer may become damaged: eating hard food with it in, getting hit in the face or mouth, dropping or stepping on it, or even just gradual wear over time. It is not uncommon for people to have a damaged retainer at some point, and it is important that this is not ignored.

Often when a retainer has become damaged, patients ask the question of whether a broken retainer can be fixed, or if it should be replaced. The answer to this inquiry is often dependent on how the retainer is broken. As retainers are specific to a certain shape and alignment, repairs would need to be done carefully, and it is recommended that they are only carried about by an orthodontist.

If the damage to the retainer is too severe, or damaged in a way that it would lose some of its function, your Surrey orthodontist may recommend that it be replaced altogether. While this can be a further expense, it is important to have a properly functioning retainer to ensure all the work your braces have done is not lost.

Remember to take care of you retainer, and hopefully you will never have to ask the question of repair or replacement. If you are in the Surrey, BC area, and are in need of orthodontics / braces, consider going with Maduke Bulat.

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