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Spring into Hydrated Smiles

As your Orthodontic Specialists in Surrey and Delta, we love seeing our clients maintain a healthy smile, and one way in which to do so is through your diet.

By maintaining your inner health, your outer health will thank you – and your smile will be a reflection of this also. Take a read and see what we feel is the #1 way in which to maintain a healthy glow.


Water is possibly one of the single most important ‘nutrients’ you could provide for your body. As your body is mainly made up of water, ensuring it is well fueled with this wellspring of life-giving lubrication, will keep your body function increasingly better.

You likely know that your body is comprised mostly of water, so staying hydrated via the substance you are made of is both a wise and healthy decision.

Dehydration can have many effects on your body including neurological ‘confusion’. Not only confusion pertaining general cognitive abilities, but in the overall function of your body as well. If your brain isn’t fully functioning, it’s misfiring imperative information to your body also.

Keeping yourself and your kids hydrated, will truly ensure that you are fully functioning at your optimal best. Granted we can understand the difficulty with consuming enough water throughout the day, so in order to help you here are a few suggestions!

Water. It Does a Body Good

-boost your water’s taste with a shot of flavour (lemon slices are a refreshing choice!)
-put your water in a container that’s appealing (as silly as it sounds, it truly helps)
-chill your water to a frosty cold (there’s something about cold water that just tastes better, try it!)

Water. Does a Teeth Good Too

-water is the most natural way in which you can help wash debris from your teeth, without attacking them with acidic properties that beverages like juice, pop and coffee can.
-water also keeps the saliva production high, which contains proteins and minerals that counteract enamel-fighting acids
-saliva is in fact 95% water, so staying well hydrated means that your saliva production is also in full swing

No matter how you choose to go about it, keeping a fresh bottle of water on hand and sipping on it throughout the day, will keep your body hydrated, your mind functioning and your overall appearance fresh!

Contact us if you have any further questions about keeping your mouth and teeth healthy.

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