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TADS …Four Letters Representing Fabulous Smiles!

The acronym “TAD” simply means “Temporary Anchorage Device”, and is a miniature screw that we position in the mouth, serving as an anchor for moving specific teeth.

As your Surrey Orthodontist, the most basic function of our service is to move your teeth with simple mechanics. When a tooth is being pushed on, you have to pull on something else in order to anchor this movement process.

Where traditional orthodontics once used headgear, more modern orthodontic treatments use TADs. This allows us to treat a bite problem, that may have been nearly impossible -or required surgery- before this technique was refined. TADs allow us to treat patients faster, and is truly a modern benefit to traditional braces.

Simply put, TADs are a very small screws inserted into bone. An alarming sounding process, but rest assured – it is a painless one.

After numbing the area where the TAD is to be placed, we use gentle pressure to insert it through the gums and into the bone between your teeth, or into the palate.
Some patients say they feel minor pressure for one or two days afterward, and the teeth in that area may be a little more sensitive than usual. But overall, there is no specific pain involved.

On occasion, a TAD might loosen, but in most cases – minor mobility is nothing to be concerned about. If, however, you feel the TAD is excessively loose or comes out, call us right away so we can get you in to fix the problem. Try and keep all the pieces that may have fallen out, and bring them in with you to your appointment. This will alleviate further fitting time.

Once these TADs are no longer needed, they are removed, again – without concern of discomfort. Although this may seem like an invasion to your mouth, we guarantee this process is embraced much more, and can make your orthodontic treatment more efficient.

Modern dentistry is about enhancing your comfort, and reducing your treatment time. An improved procedure is definitely something to smile about …and at MadukeBulat, our goal is to see you SMILE!

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