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Teens And Their Teeth

By the time the teenage years have begun -ideally- positive oral hygiene practices are in place. And the facts to positive oral hygiene practices remain the same…

– Brush twice daily
– Floss once daily
– Use fluoride based dental products (fluoride fights decay)
– Try to reduce sugary or acidic food and/or drinks
– Continue with regular checkups and cleanings

The need for taking care of one’s teeth increases with orthodontic treatment, whether in our [link url=]Surrey or Delta Orthodontics[/link] office, you also have to eliminate sticky foods. This rings true for both braces for adults as well as braces for children (including teens).

We understand that the teenage years are often a self-conscious time, and adding “metal wear” to the mix is no easy addition. But having food particles stuck in one’s braces will only add to the concern and mental discomfort, as well as carry a risk for decay. So keeping your mouth clean helps maintain a healthy smile, and lessens your discomforts in every regard.

Other factors to consider when it comes to tooth care pertains especially to teenagers – as they might need additional attention and/or have addition oral hardware. Especially if you have or are a teen in the throes of [link url=]orthodontic treatment[/link], keep these things in mind…

– [b]Nutrition[/b] …is priority #1 in overall health, but also imperative to optimal oral health. Sugar and acidic food and drinks are not our friend. Both culprits create plaque, destroy tooth enamel, and potentially cause cavities. So eat well, and brush often.
– [b]Oral Piercings[/b] …are fairly common in teen culture. However, it might go without saying that these types of piercings are cause for concern for anyone’s teeth. Increasingly so for those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Infection, uncontrollable bleeding and nerve damage can be added to the list of chipped teeth, lost fillings, and dislodged braces – when it comes to oral piercings. The best plan – keep your piercings to the exterior of your body.
– [b]Mouth Guards [/b] …sports, your teens, and mouth guards go hand in hand. If your teen plays sports, regardless of if he or she has braces, a mouth guard is important for many reasons. Namely, the safe keeping of their pearly whites!

Although this may all seem like common sense, or redundant reminders, at MadukeBulat we much prefer to overstate healthy approaches to oral health. Because your healthy smile, void of any chipped teeth, ensures a more positive body image …and we want to offer teens an enhanced “best years of their life” scenario!

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