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The Dangers of DIY Braces

DIY braces can be dangerous Young people often find the strangest things to try. A current trend among teens, however, demonstrates that people will sometimes attempt things that are sometimes downright dangerous to their health and well-being.

This latest trend is the fashioning of DIY braces. There are numerous videos out there on YouTube and elsewhere showing teens moving their teeth by manipulating them with elastic hair bands. Rather than receive a set of certified, Surrey braces from a local orthodontist, some people are attempting to make their own.

Why are DIY Braces so Dangerous?

If you are not an orthodontist in Delta BC, then you have no business trying to move your teeth around with homemade devices. It’s as simple as that.

Some teens think that because they can make their teeth move with elastic bands they have no need of braces from Surrey dentists or any other type of aligner, but this is not true. Although there may be no negative effects in the beginning, DIY braces can lead to disastrous consequences for the dental health of the user.

Here’s why it’s so dangerous. When you try to manipulate your teeth with elastic bands, you have no control over the movement your teeth will make. Your teeth are anchored in your gums by bone – maneuver the bone incorrectly and you will permanently damage your teeth.

For the first few months or even for the first year, your teeth will seem to be alright. Tooth decay can occur, however, and you could end up losing those teeth.

Orthodontics in Surrey and the rest of North America have issued a warning to parents to be on the lookout for this type of behavior. They are saying that this dangerous trend can damage teeth in as little as four weeks.

Don’t cut corners if you are looking for a pretty, straight and bright smile. Call your orthodontist in Delta, BC today.

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