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The Importance of Straight Teeth

The cultural norms around teeth vary wildly – but it’s not just a question of culture or vanity. There are lots of excellent reasons to have straight teeth, and aesthetics is only one of them.

First of all: straight teeth are healthy
They get fewer fractures and cavities, and suffer less discolouration, and are less sensitive to heat and cold. Straight teeth are more comfortable in the mouth, but also in the neck and back: The relationship between dental organization and postural integrity is complex but has been conclusively demonstrated. Unhealthy gums and dental decay are also associated with a higher incidence of cardiac problems. Not being able to floss properly will make a difference to the number of your own teeth you keep through your life. And how long that is: effective daily flossing can add over 5 years to your lifespan.

Minimise the risk of dental fracture
Protruding teeth are vulnerable in the event of a sports injury, accident, fight, fall or car crash. Straightening those teeth will reduce the risk of this happening considerably. Braces may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but a dental fracture is worse.

Our natural tendency is towards teeth that work well, so if you have an uneven mouth, you are likely to grind your teeth – possibly in your sleep, causing a variety of different kinds of damage to the teeth and jaw. This damage is much more difficult and painful to repair than it is to prevent.

And finally – the aesthetics
Studies have shown that school and job interviews have better outcomes for straight mouthed applicants than their counterparts with crooked teeth. These things shouldn’t matter, but they do. That’s why the bane of braces is worth the boost in confidence later on.

The technology is also improving all the time – materials used are lighter, easier to clean, less intrusive and more comfortable than it was fifteen years ago. There are many good reasons to get braces, and have straight teeth. Call Maduke-Bulat for an appointment today!

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