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The Selfless Smile of a Selfie

The trending topic of selfies is one we at MadukeBulat Orthodontists simply couldn’t ignore. So as promised here is part two of creating the perfect selfie smile!

1. Work It

As your Orthodontic Specialists in Surrey and Delta BC, we’re in the business of creating perfect smiles although we realize that some of you might not be there yet. That’s okay! Perfecting a closed-mouth smile is as much an art form as will be your ability to flash your dazzling new smile once done with your braces in our Surrey office.

So start snapping, and see what pose strikes the camera just right. Work the angles and see what works best for you.

2. Clean Teeth = Selfless Selfie

We know. Brushing and flossing with braces is an added task for sure. But clean teeth and healthy gums will create the ultimate full-smile selfie. Yellow teeth do not a good smile make. So clean that plaque from your teeth – regularly! Your selfies (or your friends in receivership of them) will thank you.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Capturing the perfect selfie is no easy feat. So practice a variety of angles, flash, no flash, natural lighting, shaded lighting. No one angle or light is correct for everyone.

But in the spirit of selfies be sure to just go with it and have fun! Once you find your perfect face angle, smile curve, and eye squint you’ll be picture ready for any and all Kodak moments, selfie or otherwise.

At MadukeBulat Orthodontists, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces and selfies alike, both in our office and on our Facebook Page. We love smiling faces in all forms and look forward to seeing you best selfie shot upon your next visit.

Happy posing!

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