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The Simple Facts Of A Healthy Smile

At MadukeBulat we want our patients to not only sport straight smiles, but healthy smiles as well. In many cases, patients want to get their teeth straightened for aesthetic reasons, but by straightening your teeth you are not only left with a great smile, but you are also contributing to the overall health of your mouth.

Straight teeth allow for better oral hygiene. When you don’t have enough space between your teeth from crowding, this can result in hard-to-reach areas for your toothbrush and floss. Crowded teeth may result in a hiding place for extra food debris, which can increase your chances for bacteria and plaque to accumulate, and can lead to gum inflammation and tooth decay, among other things.

Having straight teeth allows you to access all tooth surfaces, which contributes to a healthier mouth.

On the other hand, having too much space between teeth can also result in a number of issues. When food is able to lodge between two teeth, cavities and gum disease are more likely to occur. Once you have straightened your teeth, your gums will fit more comfortably and securely around each individual tooth, preventing bits of food from settling between your teeth.

As your [link url=]Surrey Orthodontist[/link], we believe that when you make the choice to have your teeth straightened, not only will you be able to walk around with a smile you are proud of, but you will be contributing to the overall health of your mouth, bones, and teeth!

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