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Tips for Caring for Your Retainer

Tips for Caring for Your Retainer

Your retainer is an important part of your complete dental care and requires regular cleaning to keep the retainer and your teeth in the best of health. Here are some tips to help you keep your retainer clean and in the best possible condition to maximize both your dental care and the lifespan of your retainer.

Replace Your Retainer If Necessary: Retainers are not meant to last forever, and you should keep up with your orthodontist to know when its time for a replacement. All the cleaning and careful use in the world will not do any good for a retainer that needs to be replaced.

Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water and using regular mouth rinses when wearing your retainer can help keep the mouth flushed and prevent build-up of bacteria. For best results we recommend taking your retainer out to eat. Put it back in when you’re finished.

Clean your Retainer Daily: Your retainer can accumulate the same bacteria, plaque, and tartar just like your teeth and likewise your retainer requires at least daily cleaning to purge it of all the build-up. If you use a clear plastic retainer, you should be sure to clean it as soon as you remove it from your mouth. It is okay to brush your retainer with toothpaste. Speak to your orthodontist if you have any question about cleaning your retainer.

And Don’t Forget Your Case: Putting a dirty retainer in a dirty case will increase the build up of bacteria, make sure that you only put your retainer in its case when it’s clean. You should also make sure you’re cleaning the case regularly using the same methods as the retainer itself.

Keep Your Retainer Safe: You should always avoid exposing your retainer to high heat. A good rule of thumb is that if its too hot to go in your mouth, its too hot for the retainer. When not in use, keep your retainer dry and in its case.

Hopefully we’ve given you some good tips to care for your retainer so you can get the best use out of your retainer for the longest amount of time.

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