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Tips on how to get your kids to brush their teeth!

Taking baths and eating veggies often fall within the same “chore of life” as brushing ones teeth. It doesn’t come with an enthusiasm and a strong desire to do so, and can be met with quite a bit of resistance. But a solid teeth-brushing regimen is important to help children combat tooth decay and develop a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

Modeling good behaviour is one of the best ways to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth, instead of thinking it’s a chore. When you brush your teeth, be happy that you’re doing it. If you make anything look like fun, kids often will want to do it also. Let them copy you. Buy them the same colour toothbrush as you have, or try an electric one, which may be more entertaining for them – and a better approach for older kids.

Let them try brushing your teeth, and then you can brush theirs to make sure they’re actually clean.

Getting your kids to brush their teeth correctly is vital for good oral hygiene. Whether your child is 4 or 14, if you are having a hard time teaching dental hygiene to your toothy tots and teens, here are some fun games and techniques you can use to get them brushing!

1. Tell a Story
Ever heard the one about how the “sugar bugs” make holes in our teeth if they are not taken care of? Sometimes kids need a reason why, or a good story to get on board.

2. Show and Tell
If they’re still unconvinced, you can try using a dissolving agent, available at pharmacists’ counters and dental offices, to clearly show them the plaque on their teeth. Nothing beats “because I said so” like proof.

3. The Wheels On The Bus Go Up And Down
Of course this one is for the younger crowd, but singing a tune, and making it an “action song”, can get them in the mood.

4. Make Bubbles
Hold a bubble-making contest. See who’s mouth can become the frothiest with foamy cleaning goodness.

5. Compliment your Kids
Praise is the ultimate motivator, and giving it freely for a job well done is a good choice. Especially when they have brushed their teeth with the correct strokes and for two solid minutes.

As your Surrey orthodontist, we feel that a healthy smile is increasingly important to a straight smile, and hope these tips will assist you in arriving at both!

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