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Tips on Preventing & Dealing With Orthodontic Emergencies

When beginning orthodontic treatment, patients should expect a small amount of discomfort, including soreness and some aching. This generally passes quickly, and most patients experience minimal discomfort. In rare cases, some patients might experience an orthodontic emergency, and need to seek out an emergency orthodontist in Surrey.

What is an Orthodontic Emergency?
As previously mentioned, orthodontic emergencies are thankfully quite rare, but they do happen. These emergencies can include brackets breaking or falling off, wires breaking and protruding into gums or other soft tissue, or constant irritation becoming sore and possibly infected. There could also be emergencies where a retainer, or aligner breaks and is no longer functional.

How To Prevent Orthodontic Emergencies
Preventing Broken Brackets and Wires – A common way that brackets can break, or wires come out, is due to eating sticky or hard food. The best tip to avoid this is to simply avoid these foods altogether. Stick to food that is not sticky, and consider food that is softer.

Preventing Lip and Cheek Irritation – metal braces can cause friction and discomfort to the surrounding tissue. To avoid this, ask your orthodontist for some wax strips that can be placed around the metal brackets. This helps to reduce the severity of the friction, and prevent irritation from becoming severe and even infected.

Preventing Damage to Retainer or Aligner – When your retainer or aligner is in your mouth, it is generally safe. Most appliances get damaged when they are removed. Avoid putting them directly in your bag or pocket, instead, make sure you always store it in the hard plastic case provided by your Surrey orthodontist. Also, it is best to remove your retainer or aligner during meals, and not to eat with it in, as food could damage it.

Follow these tips to avoid an orthodontic emergency, and keep your mouth, and your retainer, safe. Remember, should an orthodontic emergency arise, Maduke Bulat can help with your Surrey orthodontic care.

What to do in an Orthodontic Emergency

Being familiar with the terms used in orthodontic equipment and procedures will assist you and our office to communicate with clarity. Our website orthodontic terminology page has all the key words to be familiar with. Don’t worry, they are easy to understand and our staff will assist you and take the time to answer any questions you may have.

Most dental pain comes from the braces or tip of the wire making contact with the gums or sides of your mouth or tongue. Our office will supply you with dental wax when you get your braces applied and teach you how to apply it. Dental wax will be your new best friend for minor irritations when you first get braces. There are other remedies for general ortho discomfort based on what part of the appliance is causing concern or pain. Refer to our list of causes and solutions here. But, what if your braces become damaged from an accident or the pain is drastic? Contact our office and our staff can arrange to have the orthodontist ready to assist you in an urgent appointment when you arrive at the office.

At Maduke Bulat Orthodontic office, we want you to have a positive experience and reduced pain from daily activities while wearing braces. Proper daily care and dental hygiene will minimize the chances for complications associated with braces and orthodontic appliances like headgear and retainers. If you do find yourself in a situation that cannot be fixed at home, call our office and speak with one of our staff to arrange for you to be seen right away.

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